Use Emotions and Body Language to Triumph.

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In the past, showing emotions was frowned upon, especially when it came to business. Today, many business owners are throwing this idea aside and are looking for new ways to stir up product excitement in their clients and inspire their employees through emotion.

“The evidence has been piling up throughout history, and now neuroscientists have proved it’s true: The brain’s wiring emphatically relies on emotion over intellect in decision-making,” wrote Dan Vergano in a USA TODAY article. 

It is this decision-making process that eventually turns ideas into action and potential customers into purchasers, and it is all built on feeling.

Not all emotions are created equal, and there is a reason emotions in the workplace were at one time considered a faux pas. If you want to encourage employees or get your clients excited about a service, it is a great idea to practice stirring up positive emotions through your communication skills.

“Emotions are the driving force of your business. It is one thing to understand how to control emotional stress as it can prevent your effectiveness on the job, but another to use your emotions to drive influence internally and externally. And the way to improve your communication and provoke positive emotions that impact your business is to develop your social skills,” wrote Thomas Edwards of Entrepreneur.

So if practicing great communication is how you can spur strength of feeling, and ultimately find success in your business interactions then it important to start practicing. Here are some tips to get you started:

Speak Authoritatively

We have all been in the presence of someone who is a great at telling stories. Even though their tales may not be true, they are so compelling we want to believe otherwise. Alternatively, someone may be speaking truth, but lack of confidence and poor delivery lead to a lost message on the audience.

If you want to inspire your design team or a client stand up straight, talk calmly and authoritatively while making eye contact. People will be more likely to listen and remember what you told them.

Slow Down and Practice Active Listening

Listening is an important workplace skill and it makes a huge difference in your business success and your work relationships.

“Active listening” is more than just listening with your ears, it is a deliberate effort to go beyond what you hear, and understand the message someone is trying to relay to you. To do this successfully you must get rid of distractions and listen intently to what a customer or team member may be saying to you. Make sure you are giving the person you are listening to your undivided attention and let them know you are listening by using your body language and other gestures to express this.

Ask Pertinent Questions

As opposed to following protocol, get to the heart of an issue by asking the right questions. Even further, if you want to inspire employees and customers, you need to be asking yourself pertinent questions. Asking the right questions may be the difference between business successes and failures.

 “Asking the right question is also essential for setting effective business strategy.  Far too many “strategies” are actually laundry lists of vague, platitudinous goals (one of which always seems to be ‘develop our people’, even in rather brutal places to work).  Typically, they could have been written by any competitor in the industry,” wrote Stephen Wunker a contributor to Forbes.

Body Language

Smile often, make eye contact always and stand up straight continually. Simple adjustments in your body language will drastically change how you are perceived and how your message is received. 

Showing positive emotions and adjusting your body language will help you better relay your message to clients and team members and will ultimately help your business sky rocket!





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