Spring Cleaning For Your Interior Design Business.

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Take a moment to look closely at your business. Bad business habits usually go unnoticed or get ignored when you are busy focusing on the demanding, daily  “business as usual”.  But bad habits can rear their ugly heads at the most inconvenient times so it’s a good idea to clear the decks ahead of time rather than being forced to deal with the often costly and stressful unexpected.

So if you feel an inventory of your business practices is overdue but are not sure how to clear the decks and start afresh, then why not use this easy “spring cleaning” guide to clear out this past years’ cobwebs to start business with renewed vigor.

Organize Your Books

While this may have a double meaning for some, organizing your finances is an important first step to getting your business running smoothly again. Tax season has come to a close. So do not postpone tidying your file cabinet any longer. Start this fiscal year on a good foot and create a filing system specifically for your business receipts. Make sure to print off emailed receipts as they land in your inbox, and organize them as you go. This could save you precious time and money when tax season rolls around.  You could also try, JotNot Pro a multi-page document scanner for the iPhone. Using this app allows you to scan receipts, documents and even whiteboards into PDFs.

Cloud Storage and Design Technology

While cloud storage is used in many businesses, it is growing in popularity in the design industry. Company’s like Evernote, Xero, and Squarespace, to name just a few, make taking notes, mastering your accounting, and building a website simple. New technology innovations are making important-information organization effortless. Going to the cloud allows you to access your business’ data from anywhere with an Internet connection. This makes it easier than ever before for people on your design team to both collaborate and innovate.

For more information on innovation and interior design technology, you can visit Design Tech Summit’s page.

Give Positive Feedback

Are you forgetting to acknowledge high-performing employees? Are you not providing timely feedback to your team members? Sometimes it is easy to forget about the things and people that make our company great, when we get caught up in day-to-day business duties. This Spring, take a look at your team members, reward great performance and offer feedback to those members who may need your guidance. After all, it is your business and your vision, so people are looking to you to set the standard.

Learn Something New

Business comes with a certain level of maintenance. When we are going through the motions it can be hard to see past payroll, while staying on top of social media updates and business advertising. Spring is the season of new beginnings, so liven things up on the job and learn a new skill—it could be personal or business-related.

Services like Skillshare or Craftsy offer business, marketing, photography, design, cooking, and art lessons for low monthly memberships or on a pay-per-class basis. The best part is you can learn at your own pace, and the lessons you buy are yours forever. Finding inspiration is sometimes the only thing you need to breathe revitalizing life back into your business. The best part is, your team members will feel prompted to make a change too!

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