Mission Leadership for the Interior Design Professional.

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Visionary leadership for the Interior Design Professional.

Every leader needs a vision or plan of what he or she is doing in order to stay the course. That sounds obvious. But when was the last time you took even 15 minutes to review what your vision is, what it actually looks like and to ask yourself if your vision needs a bit of a facelift to bring it up to speed with what you are doing now.

Visionary leadership, as Damian McKinney states this month in Fast Company’s Mission Leadership: 4 Principles for Creating Corporate Commandos is the new “necessary” in the business sector. And McKinney should know. Entering the private sector after serving 18 years in British Royal Marines this commando-turned-consultant found the private business sector to be more rigid than the military. In McKinney’s mind, the corporate world needs to accept, just like the military, that business has changed.Our dated command and control style of controlling workflow is no longer the order of the day.

This means that as an interior designer defining your vision, management style, your company mission and making sure your staff is on board with all three is critical to getting the job done. Micromanaging on your own just isn’t going to work on the business side of the equation because there is just too much to do. And with the demands of social media and gorilla marketing being added to your already cramped plate, you’re new strategy is going to have to include a reliance on more than just yourself to keep things moving. 


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