An exciting time 2B in design!.

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V&M TV with Vera.

Social media – your journey of connections!

This is such an exciting time to be an interior designer! The more I talk to people in the interior design profession, the more convinced I am that we are in the best industry in the world. I know business is hard at times and breaking through that glass ceiling can seem elusive, but for those who persevere, think outside that four dimensional, ridiculous box, and who really want to make a name for themselves in interior design, there are more avenues and opportunities to stand out and get noticed than ever

It is wonderful to talk to designers who have added a little twist to their business becoming courageous design leaders in the fairly young world of social media.

Think of Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin, Houzz, Blogger, Soundcloud, Youtube …. you get the picture. There are even broadcast opportunities on many art and design websites now like V&M’s new TV channel. If you haven’t taken the plunge into at least one of these remarkable social media, marketing and ecommerce ponds, pick one and get going. When you become really proficient on one platform (give yourself a few months), take on another and try it out too. Then see how you can share both with your new fans and grow from there.

It doesn’t take long to create a voice for yourself.

It doesn’t take long to create a “voice” for yourself and your design business and gain traction in the multidimensional world of “social”. I call this idea of laying down footprints in the social sphere, your social journey. Just take that first step on your journey and go from there. And if you’ve already been involved in one platform for a while, why not take on another and see what happens and who you’ll meet?

To help you choose the best media platform for your design business, we’ve decided to share in as few words as possible . . .

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