Billable design time on the go!.

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Tracking & billing for design time has never been easier!

Billing your clients for design time has never been easier.  For years designers have relied on multiple steps and disconnected apps and applications to enter, record and bill their clients for design time. 

Bill for Time – On the Go!


From Evernote,  googledocs, vertical time apps to old fashion note paper,  these old norms often require unnecessary time, energy and extra steps to manage and record. Invoicing your design clients for design time should be simple and straightforward so we allow you to record and analyze your design time revenue on every project without any guesswork or extra effort on your part. And you can do it on the go.
With Connexionsoft there is no more going back over your clients billable hours each day, week or month to review and  re-record your time in Quickbooks or an invoicing system.  Easily enter design time directly into your client’s billable project online and bill them when you’re ready … with the tap of a finger.

On time,  one time,  real time!

At Connexionsoft, we really do understand busy.  We love to save designers just like you hundreds of  steps each week allowing you to spend more time doing what you love – designing, creating, dreaming or calling it a  day.
Try Connexionsoft’s easy iPhone and iPad interface to record each clients billable design time on the go directly in their project invoice.  Add a date, time in -  time out, name and note the task you’ve completed – all in one simple mobile system. 

It’s easy, fast and seamless.  We love to eliminate a host of unnecessary steps from of your design day so you’re truly free to spend that extra time savings any way you like.  

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