3 Great Marketing Solutions Born From Design Tech Summit Las Vegas 2014.

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The Design Tech Summit (DTS) just made it to Vegas and it was a success! “This was the best educational event we attended at Design & Construction Week,” said C. Lewis, a designer attending the summit.

DTS was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Feb. 4-6. Throughout the event, guest speakers unveiled marketing tips and tech tools to business professionals. With the help of celebrity host, HGTV’s Kelli Ellis, and companies like HOUZZ and Evernote, DTS taught attendees how to use technology and leverage themselves against their competitors in the design and construction industry.

“You pulled off a great event and in my opinion, was one of the more engaging and informative sessions offered at the NAHB event,” said Erin Hall of Evernote Business.

Started in Asheville, North Carolina, DTS takes place throughout the United States and Canada three times a year. The event is open to design professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to re-imagine and re-tool their professional future. DTS attracts the best and the brightest minds, tech solutions, business leaders, non-conventionalists, new “normals” and global game changers that inspire audiences across the country.

This year, DTS has brought to the stage the best and brightest minds in the industry, and the DTS event in Vegas was no exception. “You need to bring this event all over the country.  ITechnology training is sorely needed in the design industry,” said T. Morris, the Showroom Executive in Las Vegas.

Throughout the three-day event, speakers examined numerous marketing tools. Some of the main discussions surrounded mobile apps, design presentation technology, and branding through social networking and search engine optimization (SEO).

Mobile Apps

For on-the-go design professionals, mobile app companies like DSG.nr, Roomhints, RoomReveal, MarkonCall, Trace, Connexionsoft, and Color 911 showed audiences how they could save valuable time, tons of money and stay organized through simply using mobile apps. Well-known companies like HOUZZ and Evernote showed designers and builders how earn money using their apps on their mobile devices.

Design Presentation Technology

On Tuesday and Thursday, participating 3D and 2D tech-company panelists taught audience members how to sell design and construction services using their programs. Companies included: SketchUp, ViewIT Technologies, Autodesk Homestyler, Olioboard, and Minutes Matter Studio.

Branding, Social Networking and SEO

For design and construction professionals looking to improve their company’s marketing campaign, industry leaders like Laurie Laizure of G+ Interior Design Community, and Ross Dunn of Shelter SEO gave practical ideas to improve one’s presence online and connect to potential customers. Additionally, entrepreneur Troy Ball of Troy & Sons gave audience members business advice from her experience in the trenches.

Connect With DTS

If you or someone you know is interested in presenting at a DTS event, contact us at inspire@designtechsummit.com Design and Tech lovers need to hear from you!

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